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Christopher McCormack

Christopher McCormack works as a Café Assistant in Saol Café.  Christopher loves preparing veg for the deli counter and making barista coffees. Christopher enjoys sport and cheers on Galway United & Connacht Rugby, he watches Ireland play ‘whatever’ the sport. He is a keen Man United fan & Monday mornings see many a discussion around the weekend’s fixtures. Christopher plays football with the Special Olympics and is also taking literacy classes in his spare time.  Favourite catchphrase ‘How are you now?’

Soracha Moran

Soracha is currently studying occupational therapy here in NUI Galway, she came to us in February 2017 on a college project and we haven’t been able to get rid of her since. Soracha is a leader with Renmore Brownies, being a member of Irish Girl Guides she arrived with a leave no trace ethos already instilled and has been blown away by the compostables being used in the café, telling anyone who will listen. Soracha enjoys baking in her spare time and is a keen Netflix addict.

Steven Monaghan

Stephen is currently studying counselling and psychotherapy part time, which explains his laid back attitude and eagerness for a chat. Stephen enjoys working on the deli counter and is sure to crack a joke with the customers as he serves them. Stephen enjoys socializing and spending time with his friends and family. Stephen also enjoys listening to music and claims to enjoy running in his spare time although we have yet to see any proof of this. His favourite food is tuna.

Gerri Martin

Gerri Martin is the Manager at Saol Café.  Gerri brings with her a wealth of experience from the Managerial roles that she has held in the Hospitality & contract catering industry.  A real foodie, Gerri is passionate about Healthy Eating, organic foods and local produce. Gerri enjoys health & fitness, and Winter snow sports when possible. Gerri is a people person, loves to look you straight in the eye and is proficient in lip reading.

Gerri is passionate about environmental issues and sustainability, she has been using Vegware compostable products since 2011 and was successful in co-implementing their usage in Saol. As a result, all of the consumables used in the café are compostable which Gerri delights in informing customers when they request “plastic” cutlery for takeaway.


Annette Hassett

Annette Hassett is the Operations Manager with SCCUL Enterprises CLG.  Annette worked as interim Café Manager over the summer prior to Gerri joining Saol. Annette provides HR & marketing support to the team. Annette loves to spend her spare time at home on Achill Island – bodyboarding, fishing and hillwalking. Favourite food:Prawns

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